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Development of a functional network for ecosystem services valuation and integration in policy in Benin

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Benin biodiversity strategy highlights the importance of the inclusion in policies,government and non-government programs of the value of ecosystem services. Up to now, ecosystem services are less considered in decision making process at policy level, not really integrate to national research development program with a negative impact on stakeholder’s engagement to halt biodiversity loss. This project aims to develop (a) a national strategy valuation of ecosystem services, (b) a national expertise on ecosystem services and (c) a mechanism for their integration into national policies.

Project Description

Benin Republic adopted a new Strategic Plan for the period 2011-2020 on a highly participatory basis and puts more emphasis on the importance of the functions / ecosystem services, research, knowledge development, cooperation, political reforms and capacity building. The overall objective of the strategy is to ensure that by 2020 ecosystems are resilient and continue to provide essential services, and preserving the diversity of life on Earth, and contributing to human well-being and poverty eradication. This strategy envisages that ecosystems that provide essential services and contribute to health, livelihoods and well-being are restored and safeguarded.

This strategy recommends the inclusion in sectoral policies and government and non-government programs in the value of ecosystem services. The importance of conserving biodiversity and enhancing ecosystem services thus has a considerable weight in the national strategy of Benin. Few initiatives are taken at national level to assign a value to these services and convince policy makers to raise the protection of nature among the top strategic priorities of the country. That is why Benin proposes to set up a functional network of stakeholders to develop a strategy for the evaluation of ecosystem services and their inclusion in the country's policies.

Specifically the project aims to develop (a) a national strategy valuation of ecosystem services, (b) a network of players, skills and expertise on ecosystem services and (c) Develop a mechanism taking into account the ecosystem services into national policies.

Project Objectives and expected Achievables

Objective 1: Develop a national strategy valuation of ecosystem services

- Draw up an inventory and ask the national diagnosis on the state of knowledge and assets for the valuation of ecosystem services (technical, research, advocacy tools, existing databases, major types of ecosystem services, etc. .);

- To the diagnosis and recommendations consistent with the strategies developed by the various sectors impacting biodiversity conservation at the national level as well as the programs developed by IPBES.

- Translating the aspirations, challenges and vision adopted as national strategy and operational framework (lines of action) implementation;

- Organize successive workshops to validate the outcome of the strategy.

- Internalize the strategy at all levels to facilitate application

Objective 2: Develop a network of players, skills and expertise on ecosystem services

- Developing a capacity building plan at national level;

- Seek national and international expertise to strengthen the capacities of actors identified on tools, methodologies for assessing ecosystem services as well as consideration of ecosystem services in national policy and strategy;

- Develop training modules for the benefit of university students to foster scientific research in this area.

- Implement the modules developed for the benefit of identified targets;

Objective 2: Develop a mechanism taking into account the ecosystem services into national policies

- Prioritize key ecosystem services can be subject to national case study;

- Developing specific methodologies to selected case studies

- Conduct specific case studies on identified priorities

- Establish a database on ecosystem services to influence the country's sectoral policies.

- Develop communication tools, information for the benefit of policy makers and sector ministries

- Implement the tools developed through workshops in sector ministries and discuss the integration of ecosystem services in national accounts.


2 years

Geographic Scale


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Project development, Project implementation

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Financial, Technical

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Projects aligned with IPBES' work on capacity-building seeking support