Project title Connecting ecosystem services and biodiversity with worldwide research in landscape ecology
Implementing Institutions Centre of studies, research and training in forestry (CERF-Benin)/ cotonou-Benin
General Direction of Forests and natural resources at Cotonou-Benin
National centre of Remote sensing and forests tracing (Cotonou-Benin)
Ministry of Environment (Cotonou-Benin)
Country(ies) Africa, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Europe, India, Iran, Japan, Turkey, Ukraine, UK, US, Vietnam
Abstract Our activity intends to provide improved access of landscape ecological research outcomes, educational and training material related to the regional assessments of ecosystem services and biodiversity. Beneficiaries are mainly young scholars, but also scientists that seek to provide thematically related educational and training offers. The activitiy will be embedded in a new cross-cutting WG IPBES in IALE that intends to connect better the thematically related running works between the regional chapters. 
Project Description Context:

We intend to build a cross-cutting WG IPBES in IALE to identify and bundle landscape ecological research engaged in IPBES. We intend to collect research outcomes and educational and training material and to make it accessible online to build capacity for ecosystem services and biodiversity assessment particular in the community of young scholars of IALE.


all activities of IALE are voluntary committment of its members, while fees are mainly used to support young scholars in travelling and participating at relevant events. Therefore we seek for support to build a webservice that supports search and access to relevant information, training and education material. 

Project Objectives and expected Achievables Objectives and achievables:

We intend to extend the information basis and the accessibility of landscape ecological research and educational materials related to IPBES as service to particular contribute to capacity building of young scholars and to support also information spreading for scholars in countries with limited (financial reasons) access to educational, training and research material.

Milestone 1: formation of a cross-cutting WG IPBES in IALE, due end 2015

Milestone 2: collection of educational & training material and of publications that document landscape ecological research, research methods and results on ecosystem services and biodiversity, due from start 2016 on, will be iteratively enlarged

Milestone 3: online accessible platform and support of a structured search on materials (world region, scale, thematic focus), due end 2017; will be iteratively widened and adapted

Timeframe 3 years
Geographic Scale National
Seeking Resources for: Project development
Type of Resources/Support needed: Financial, Technical
Project relevance: 
Projects and activities of interest to IPBES and partners