Project title Capacity building for participatory assessment of ecosystem services in drylands
Implementing Institutions Partners in Development (PiD)
Environment Department, Government of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa
Country(ies) Pakistan
Abstract Dryland in Pakistan cover more than 58% land area and are home to more than 30 million people depending on dryland ecosystem. The assessment of these ecosystem services will lead to provide a baseline for future endeavours and also help decision makers as a decision tool for policy purposes. The assessment will take place on participatory basis and keeping in view the stakeholder capacity building needs.
Project Description Three districts in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province will be selected as sample for data collection. Within each district, 10 villages will be surveyed through participatory tools. Data will be analysed and validated through stakeholder workshops and reported.
Project Objectives and expected Achievables The project is aimed to provide the first ever assessment of arid ecosystems and their services in the country. The project will deliver a digital knowledge hub for monitoring and updating by the relevant authorities. The report will serve as baseline and also as decision tool. Capacity building of relevant staff and local communities will also be an outcome. 
Timeframe 2 years
Geographic Scale Sub-national
Seeking Resources for: Project development, Project implementation
Type of Resources/Support needed: Financial, Technical
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