Project title Building biodiversity education informatics to  strengthen  the capacities of stakeholders  for effective communication on  biodiversity  and its conservation
Implementing Institutions Center for environment Education, Thaltej Tekra, Ahmedabad - 380 054
Gujarat, India in Association with  UNESCO and Convention on Biological Diversity 

Country(ies) Global
Abstract Proposed project intends to strengthen the capacities of parties for effective communication of the values of biodiversity and the importance of ecosystem services in decision making, addressing capacity building needs of IPBES as in concept note category 5 (5.2), by providing  a global platform for sharing & exchange of information &  knowledge;  tools & methodologies ; skills &  capacities. This has not been done adequately with required intensities and depth including investments. The project addresses Aichi Biodiversity Target 1 and has the potential to contribute to the other 19 targets.
Project Description Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)is of seminal relevance to the processes facilitating effective implementation of Aichi Biodiversity Targets, as it has the power to move society from awareness to action. Recognizing the crucial role of ESD as an important tool in aiding these processes, CBD has placed it among the 20 Aichi Biodiversity Targets.

There are significant gaps in the understanding of ESD processes among practitioners and stakeholders. Hence, there is a need to build adequate capacities, particularly among policy makers & communities, in ESD with respect to the scope, depth, tools, skills, cross cutting & multidisciplinary approaches it provides to the processes, to bring in the desired changes in decision making for biodiversity conservation.

The proposed project intends to address this need which matches with the IPBES capacity building needs (5a).Through an interactive web tool and dialogues; the project will provide a global platform on ESD to facilitate the implementation of Aichi Targets. It aims to generate & manage the data base on ESD activities & processes; engage partners for wider sharing of information, learning, implementation & scaling up; identify innovative practices to educate stakeholders; assist countries in the development of strategies & tools to support relevant communication and learning objectives.

While this project will build on the Education and Communication programmes of  CBD and UNESCO on Biodiversity, the focus will be on capacity building. The project will support collaborative educational initiatives of CBD and CEE.

Project Objectives and expected Achievables Objectives

To provide a global platform on ESD to facilitate the implementation of Aichi Biodiversity Targets through an interactive website that will facilitate

1.Generation  and management of  exclusive  data , information and knowledge  on biodiversity education including activities and processes  across a wide range of geographical situations,  climates , culture and stakeholders 

2.Engagement of  relevant partners for  wider sharing of information, learning, implementation and scaling up;

3.Identification of  innovative  concepts and  practices  which  have demonstrated  / demonstrating impressive impacts in the achievement  of   Aichi Biodiversity targets to encourage , educate  and engage  relevant stakeholder groups in concerted action for biodiversity conservation.

4.Assisting countries  in the development of guidelines, tools and materials supporting relevant communication and learning objectives

5.Collaborative educational projects  between countries across the globe 


1.Beta version of the  website which is mobile friendly:  4  months

2.Forum creation  for  dialogues at regional and international levels : 12 months

3.Final version : 12 months  

4.Content  generation , management  and updates including  analysis of the ESD from  the  submitted National Reports and  the NBSAPs : Ongoing

5.Engagement of  stakeholders : Ongoing

Measuring the achievements

The  project  will be  assessed  with reference  to the Key  Performance indicators   of  ESD (Awareness ,  Knowledge, Values and  Attitude , Skills, Action / Participation ). Google analytics will be used  to measure these indicators in terms of exposure (To what extent  has the project  created  exposure  to  content / message); Engagement (To what extent  did  the stakeholders interact  and engage with the content including skills ); Influence (To what extent are  the perceptions / values and attitudes  got  influenced ) ; Impact / Action (What  is the level of participation / what  actions have  been  taken ?) . The data / content quality; geographical coverage of information; engagement of partners; innovative practices documented will also be measured.

Timeframe 3 years
Geographic Scale Multinational
Seeking Resources for: Project implementation
Type of Resources/Support needed: Financial
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Project relevance: 
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