Project title

Biodiversity and ecosystem services in agricultural production

Implementing Institutions

Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research, Nigeria; University of Benin, Nigeria




There have been no comprehensive assessments of pollinator assemblages on crops in Nigeria and no studies on declines in these assemblages. The evidence base linking pollinator richness to crop yield is still relatively weak for the Nigerian agricultural system. The core goal of the project is to design tools to support the enhanced use of biological and ecological inputs in agricultural production systems.

Project Description

The project would contribute to the following:

1. Identifying viable policy options and mechanisms for transferring knowledge to solutions that synergistically address the global challenges of food and nutrition security;

2. Increasing research efficiency and effectiveness with better targeting of research outputs to policy makers;

3. Growing opportunities for partnerships and cooperation. Data from research would provide a basis for selecting long term monitoring sites.

Project Objectives and expected Achievables

The specific objectives of the project are; (a) consolidating and sharing the knowledge base on ecological approaches and inputs provided by biodiversity to agricultural production (b) identification and adaptation of best practices (c) participatory training with farmers in farmer field school formats on the enhanced use of biological and ecological inputs in agricultural production systems (d) public awareness and policy formulation to facilitate ecological approaches to agricultural production. This aligns with IPBES capacity building needs. This would be achieved within 2 years.


2 years

Geographic Scale


Seeking Resources for:

Project development, Project implementation

Type of Resources/Support needed:

Financial, Technical

Project relevance: 
Projects aligned with IPBES' work on capacity-building seeking support