Strengthen the capacity and knowledge foundations of the science-policy interface to implement key functions of the Platform

The aim of the deliverables under this Objective 1 of the Work Programme is to enable experts and institutions to contribute to and benefit from the science-policy interface processes under the Platform. It is expected that the Platform through this objective will establish enhanced human, institutional and technical capacities for an informed and effective implementation of Platform functions. It is also expected that the deliverables under the objective will enhance the interaction between different knowledge systems at and across different scales. The deliverables will furthermore improve access to, and the management of, existing knowledge and data and guide the generation of knowledge needed for policymaking and decision-making at various scales. These accomplishments will facilitate the implementation in particular of objectives 2 and 3.

Objective 1 will be achieved in an iterative and integrated manner and will be based on a networked approach pursued in collaboration with existing institutions and initiatives through the following deliverables:

  • Deliverable 1(a): Priority capacity-building-needs to implement the Platform’s work programme matched with resources through catalysing financial and in-kind support
  • Deliverable 1(b): Capacities needed to implement the Platform’s work programme developed
  • Deliverable 1(c): Procedures, approaches and participatory processes for working with indigenous and local knowledge systems
  • Deliverable 1(d): Priority knowledge and data needs for policymaking addressed through catalysing efforts to generate new knowledge and networking