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Media Release
16 June 2016

Notification on the third webinar in the IPBES webinar series

The IPBES task force and technical support unit on capacity-building are pleased to invite you to attend the third webinar of the IPBES Webinar Series. The webinar will take place 14:00-15:00 CEST, Thursday 23 June 2016. In this webinar, we will partner with Professor Simon Potts, co-chair of the IPBES Thematic Assessment of Pollinators, Pollination and Food Production, who will give a presentation on “The IPBES Pollination Report”.

During the webinar session, Professor Potts will present key findings from the assessment, and lessons learnt from the assessment process. As such, the webinar will be relevant for both those interested in learning about the outcomes of the assessment, and experts involved in other assessment processes, in IPBES and beyond. Further information about the Assessment of Pollinators, Pollination and Food Production; the biography of Professor Potts; and practical information about the webinar is provided below.

You can register now by clicking this link: register here.

Information on the Assessment of Pollinators, Pollination and Food Production
The assessment of pollinators, pollination and food production is the first of IPBES thematic assessments, and was published in early 2016. The assessment team comprised more than 70 experts selected from all UN regions, and provided a critical evaluation of global knowledge considering both western science and indigenous and local knowledge sources. The report assessed animal pollination as a regulating ecosystem service underpinning food production in the context of its contribution to nature's benefits to people and supporting a good quality of life. The focus was one the role of wild and managed pollinators, the status and trends in pollinators and pollinator-plant networks and pollination, drivers of change, impacts on human well-being, food production in response to pollination declines and deficits, and the effectiveness of responses from various governance systems to pollination declines and deficits. The scope was global, covering all continents except Antarctica, where no pollinators are known. The assessment brought together contributions not only from natural, social and economic science perspectives but also from knowledge of indigenous and local community stakeholders and practitioners.

The assessment represents an early deliverable IPBES that has identified policy-relevant findings for decision-making in government, the private sector and civil society, as well as helping to demonstrate how an essential ecosystem service could potentially contribute to the post-2015 development agenda.

Simon Potts biography
Professor Simon Potts is co-chair of the thematic assessment of pollinators, pollination and food production, and professor of biodiversity and ecosystem services at the University of Reading, UK. Over the past 25 years, Professor Potts has worked with researchers, farmers, policymakers and NGO’s on pollinator conservation and the management of pollination services in Europe, Africa, Asia and North and South America. He has written more than 150 peer-reviewed articles, which have been published in journals such as Nature, Science, Nature Communications, Ecology Letters, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and Proceedings of the Royal Society.  He has also contributed to more than 50 books, chapters and proceedings

Outline of webinar
Following on from introductory remarks from the IPBES technical support unit on capacity-building, Professor Potts will present on the IPBES Pollination Report. The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session. If you already have a question you would like answered in relation to the IPBES assessment process, you may submit it via email to [email protected] or in the registration form upon registration.

A recording of the webinar will be made available on for those unable to attend the webinar live. Here you can also access recordings of other webinars in the IPBES Webinar Series.

If you have any questions about the IPBES Webinar Series you may contact the technical support unit on capacity-building on [email protected].

We hope you will join us for an interesting and stimulating webinar and discussion session.

Ingunn Storro
Head of IPBES Technical Support Unit on Capacity Building