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Registration: Nomination letters and credentials for IPBES 9 plenary session

Only Member States are required to submit credentials. Other observers should submit official communication identifying their delegations.

IPBES members are reminded that in order to take part in the decision making process at the Plenary session, their head of delegation, alternate representatives and advisers must each be accredited in a credential issued either by the Head of State or Government or by the Minister of Foreign Affairs or, in the case of a regional economic integration organization, by the competent authority of that organization.

Models of credentials in the six official UN languages are available below



Each Member of the Platform is required to submit the official credentials of its representative, together with the names of alternate representatives and advisers, to the secretariat. In accordance with the Rules of Procedure adopted for IPBES, the credentials must be issued by or on behalf of the Member’s Head of State or Government or Minister for Foreign Affairs consistent with each country’s policies and law. Each Member is encouraged to upload a copy of the credentials in advance of the meeting.

Credentials should be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours after the opening of the session. Only Members that have submitted valid credentials will have the right to take part in decision making at the session.

One member of a delegation should submit credentials or a nomination letter on behalf of others.

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