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Capacity building of local community
Booklet, Capacity-building project/initiative, Meeting, Other learning material, Presentation, Webinar
Online, Hybrid, Other
Global Assessment of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, Sustainable Use of Wild Species Assessment
IPBES Participatory mechanism for working with indigenous and local knowledge systems
External review and online training towards capacity building of stakeholders.
Early career experts, Indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs), Scientific community, Stakeholders, Youth
Objective 2(a): Enhanced learning and engagement, Objective 2(b): Facilitated access to expertise and information, Objective 2(c): Strengthened national and regional capacities
IPBES fellowship programme, Implementation of the training and familiarization programme, Organization of science-policy dialogues with national focal points
Support to the uptake of approved assessments and other deliverables, and encouragement of the development of communities of practice around them, Convening of regular meetings of the IPBES capacity-building forum
Encouragement of the development of science-policy platforms, networks and assessments for biodiversity and ecosystem services at the national and (sub)regional levels
Pant Jugran
[email protected]
Community of practice, Expert of a completed or an ongoing IPBES assessment, Government organization