Deliverable 4(c): Catalogue of policy support tools and methodologies

IPBES is to establish an online catalogue of policy support tools and methodologies to facilitate easy access to tools and methodologies promoted by the Platform. Guidance will be developed on how the customization and further development of policy support tools and methodologies could be promoted and catalyzed in line with the Platform’s function regarding policy support tools.

An expert group was established to support the members of the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel and Bureau in developing the catalogue and further guidance regarding policy support tools and methodologies.

Site is under construction

Members of the Expert Group on Policy Support Tools and Methodologies

Role Name Affiliation Nominating Government/Organisation
Bureau expert group member Senka Barudanovic Faculty of Science, Zmaja od Bosne
Bureau expert group member Ivar Andreas Baste Norwegian Environment Agency
MEP expert group member Moustafa Mokhtar Aly Fouda Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, Egypt
MEP expert group member Brigitte Baptiste Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Research on Biological Resources
MEP expert group member Unai Pascual Ikerbasque (Basque Foundation for Science), Basque Centre for Climate Change, Bilbao
MEP expert group member Voahangy Raharimalala Office National pour lÕEnvironnement
Expert Mialy Andriamahefazafy Institut de GŽographie et DurabilitŽ" in Lausanne, Madagascar Madagascar
Expert Tatiana Kluvankova Slovakia
Expert Mary George Malaysia
Expert Azime Tezer Turkey
Expert Ryo Kohsaka Kanazawa University Japan
Expert Steve Hatfield Dodds Australia
Expert Laszlo Podmaniczky Szent Istv‡n University Hungary
Expert Juliette Young United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Expert Juana L. Marino De Posada GUT Sas Colombia
Expert Claudio C Maretti Brazil
Expert Irene Ring Technische UniversitŠt Dresden International Institute Zittau Germany
Expert Claudia Ituarte Lima Stockholm Resilience Centre Stockholm Resilience Centre
Expert Carlos Ivan Zambrana Flores Plurinacional de la Madre Tierra Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
Expert Sujata Arora Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, Government of India, India India
Expert Roberto Oliva DIVERSITAS
Expert Sitki Ersin Esen UNEP
Expert Howard Hendriks South Africa
Expert Unai Pascual Ikerbasque (Basque Foundation for Science), Basque Centre for Climate Change, Bilbao DIVERSITAS
Expert Paul Ongugo Kenya
Expert Emmanuel Munyeneh Environmental Protection Agency, Liberia Liberia
Online reviewer Rene Pablo Capote Lopez Institute of Ecology and Systematics Cuba
Online reviewer Michael Halewood Bioversity International/CGIAR
Online reviewer Ying Liu China
Online reviewer Sam Ferreira South Africa
Online reviewer Florian Kraxner International Institute For Applied Systems Analysis
Online reviewer Mochamad Indrawan Indonesia
Online reviewer Nicholas Lucas Inter-American Institute For Global Change Research
Online reviewer James Finlay Grenada
Online reviewer Jong Min Kim Republic of Korea
Online reviewer Santosh Kumar Mishra Gujarat Research Society
Online reviewer Joyeeta Gupta Netherlands
Online reviewer Shizuka Hashimoto University of Tokyo Japan
Online reviewer Eeva Primmer Finnish Environment Institute Finland
Online reviewer Joyashree Roy Jadavpur University International Human Dimensions Programme IHDP
Online reviewer Neville Crossman Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Australia
Online reviewer Lydia Olander United States of America
Online reviewer Madhav Karki The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) Nepal
Online reviewer Mohamed Talaat El Hennawy Protected Areas Sector Egypt
Online reviewer Tobias Wuenscher Center for Development Research (ZEF), University of Bonn
Online reviewer Esther Turnhout Forest and Nature Conservation Policy Group, Wageningen University Netherlands
Online reviewer Israel Funso Adeniyi Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria Nigeria
Online reviewer Masaru Yarime UNESCO
Online reviewer Veronique Dham France
Online reviewer Kai M.a. Chan WWF Canada
Online reviewer Jose Antonio Arenas Peru
Online reviewer Owen Mcintyre University College Cork Ireland
Online reviewer David N. Barton Norway
Online reviewer Haigen Xu Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences, Ministry of Environmental Protection of China China
Online reviewer Aletta Bonn Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (UFZ) German Centre For Integrative Biodiversity Research Idiv
Online reviewer Prudence Tangham Galega Ministry of Environment, Protection of Nature Cameroon
Online reviewer Hedley Grantham Conservation International
Online reviewer Carlos Alberto De Mattos Scaramuzza Ministry Of Environment Brazil
Online reviewer Marina Rosales Benites De Franco Federico Villarreal University Peru

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