Deliverable 2(a): Guide on production and integration of assessments from and across all scales

IPBES has been mandated to develop a guide to help address conceptual, procedural and practical aspects of IPBES assessments at all scales, and to promote consistency across different scales. Accordingly, the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel, supported by time-bound expert group, has developed a guide that serves as a ‘Roadmap’ and to focus on key elements assessment practitioners may want to take into account when undertaking an assessment within the context of IPBES.

The Guide has been developed for experts who are taking part in assessments approved under IPBES be they thematic, methodological or general assessments of biodiversity and ecosystems at global, regional and sub-regional level. 

The Guide is also meant to assist those who might want to undertake IPBES inspired assessment at sub-regional, national and local level and to help facilitate that such assessments are compatible with larger scale IPBES approved assessments. Already a number of organisations and networks, such as the SGA Network, are using the Guide and provide training opportunities for assessments being undertaken at sub-regional, national and local level. 

The Guide is a living document which will be updated and expanded overtime to reflect the work of the IPBES task forces, expert groups and experiences of experts involved in IPBES assessments.

Members of the expert group supporting the development of the guide

Role Name Affiliation Nominating Government/Organisation
Bureau expert group member Ivar Andreas Baste Norwegian Environment Agency
MEP expert group member Paul Leadley Ecology, Systematics evolution Labaratory, University of Paris Sud-France
MEP expert group member Jean Bruno Mikissa National School for Water and Forests
MEP expert group member Sebsebe Demissew Woodmatas Addis Ababa University
Expert Patricia Koleff Mexico
Expert Sheila Vergara DIVERSITAS
Expert Edwin Iguisi Nigeria
Expert Bojie Fu Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Expert Eun Shik Kim Kookmin University Republic of Korea
Expert Sandra Lavorel Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) France
Expert Szabolcs Lengyel Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Centre for Ecological Research Hungary
Expert Dolors Armenteras Pascual Universidad Nacional de Colombia Colombia
Expert Belinda Reyers Stockholm Resilience Centre South Africa
Online reviewer Fernando Santos Martin Universidad Autonoma de Madrid Spain
Online reviewer David Cooper Convention on Biological Diversity Convention On Biological Diversity
Online reviewer Gichora Mercy Kenya
Online reviewer Elda Viviana Tancredi Social Sciences Department, National University of Lujan Argentina
Online reviewer Malachy Dottin Grenada
Online reviewer Christine B. Schmitt Germany
Online reviewer Robert Hoeft Convention On Biological Diversity
Online reviewer Ramon De La Concepcion Pichs Madruga Centre for World Economy Studies (CIEM) Cuba
Online reviewer Dolors Armenteras Pascual Universidad Nacional de Colombia Colombia
Online reviewer Berien Elbersen Netherlands
Online reviewer Asaye Ketema Sekie Ethiopia
Online reviewer Walter Jetz Imperial College London (P/T) and Yale University DIVERSITAS
Online reviewer Lene Buhl Mortensen Institute of Marine Research Norway
Online reviewer Brian Klatt Michigan State University United States of America
Online reviewer Sandra Luque University of St. Andrews
Online reviewer Markus Fischer University of Bern Germany
Online reviewer Ben Ten Brink PBL-Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency Netherlands
Online reviewer Mette Skern Mauritzen Institute of Marine Research
Online reviewer Oladele Ogunseitan University of California, Irvine International Human Dimensions Programme IHDP
Online reviewer Luiz Fernando Krieger Merico Brazil
Online reviewer Helmut Hillebrand Germany
Online reviewer Ingrid Visseren Hamakers George Mason University Netherlands
Online reviewer Byron Adams Ecological Society of America
Online reviewer Jon Paul Rodriguez IUCN
Online reviewer Junsheng Li Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences China
Online reviewer Stefan Hotes Philipps-University Marburg Germany
Online reviewer Diana Wall United States of America
Online reviewer Edward Amankwah Centre for Environmental Governance Center for Environmental Governance
Online reviewer Cibele Quieroz Sweden
Online reviewer Juan Jose Neiff Argentina
Online reviewer Detlef Bartsch President Of The Federal Office For Consumer Protection And Food Safety
Online reviewer Angela Strecker Canada
Online reviewer Alec Mckay New Zealand
Online reviewer Britaldo Soares Filho Brazil
Online reviewer Juan Miguel Quinonez Guatemala
Online reviewer Purificacio Canals Freelance MedPAN
Online reviewer Hiroya Yamano National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan Japan
Online reviewer Alvaro Gabriel Zopatti Argentina
Online reviewer Marjan Van Den Belt Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand New Zealand
Online reviewer Harison Rabarison Madagascar
Online reviewer Kai M.a. Chan WWF Canada
Online reviewer Joaquin Casillo Argentina
Online reviewer Jun Wang China
Online reviewer Zo Lalaina Rakotobe Randriarimalala Conservationa International Madagascar
Online reviewer Sudipto Chatterjee TERI University International Human Dimensions Programme IHDP
Online reviewer Daeseok Kang Republic of Korea
Online reviewer William Sutherland United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Online reviewer Xiaoyun Zhang Academy of Forest Inventory and Planning, State Forestry Administration (SFA), China China

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E-learning module on the IPBES Conceptual Framework

Guide on production and integration of assessments from and across all scales