Strengthen the science-policy interface on biodiversity and ecosystem services with regard to thematic and methodological issues

The aim of the deliverables under this objective is to implement the Platform’s mandates related to addressing relevant thematic issues at appropriate scales and new topics identified by science. The deliverables will also be focused on implementing the Platform’s mandate related to identifying policy-relevant tools and methodologies and, where necessary, to promoting and catalysing their further development. Given that, the deliverables are expected explicitly to support the formulation and implementation of policies for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. The objective would furthermore contribute to the identification of needs for capacity, knowledge and policy support tools. The process for developing the deliverables would also constitute an arena for capacity-building activities and the knowledge and data management activities called for under objective 1. 

Objective 3 will be achieved through the following deliverables:

  • Deliverable 3(a): Thematic assessment of pollinators, pollination and food production
  • Deliverable 3(b)(i): Thematic assessment on land degradation and restoration
  • Deliverable 3(b)(ii): Thematic assessment on invasive alien species and their control
  • Deliverable 3(b)(iii): Thematic assessment on sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity and strengthening capacities and tools
  • Deliverable 3(c): Policy support tools and methodologies for scenario analysis and modelling of biodiversity and ecosystem services based on a fast track assessment and a guide
  • Deliverable 3(d): Policy support tools and methodologies regarding the diverse conceptualization of values of biodiversity and nature’s benefits to people including ecosystem services