Communicate and evaluate Platform activities, deliverables and findings

The aim of the deliverables under this objective is to responds to the need for the Platform to engage relevant stakeholders in its work, to communicate its activities, deliverables and objectives to potential users and to evaluate its overall usefulness and relevance to a range of stakeholders. The deliverables under the objective will build on and support the deliverables under the other objectives. 

The objective will be achieved through the following deliverables:

  • Deliverable 4(a): Catalogue of relevant assessments
  • Deliverable 4(b): Development of an information and data management plan
  • Deliverable 4(c): Catalogue of policy support tools and methodologies
  • Deliverable 4(d): Set of communication, outreach and engagement strategies, products and processes
  • Deliverable 4(e): Reviews of the effectiveness of guidance, procedures, methods and approaches to inform future development of the Platform