Application Form to IPBES Work Programme

This is the web based application form to register your nomination to become an expert to those deliverables of the IPBES work programme that the current call for nomination is addressing. Please follow the link to see the letter of Professor Zakri Abdul Hamid, Chair of IPBES, which further specifies the call for nominations and the nomination procedure.  

Interested experts (nominees) are requested to fill out their application form no later than 31 March 2015. Nominators (governments or organisations) should submit approved applications by 5 April 2015 at the latest. Earlier nominations are encouraged. All nominated individuals (nominees) should be requested to ensure that they are available on the dates indicated in the letter of the Chair, to participate in the relevant meetings. Experts interested in being nominated are encouraged to contact their IPBES National Focal Point or organisation contact point as they may be operating under their own timeline, within the IPBES process described here. 

For an effective implementation of all of these three deliverables, it is critical to include a broad variety of experts from various natural and social scientific disciplines and from indigenous and local knowledge systems, as well as policy and technical experts and practitioners. Governments and organisations nominating experts are therefore encouraged to promote this multidisciplinary approach which is fundamental to the success of IPBES.

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