Current Bureau Members

African States

Name and Affiliation 





Alfred Apau Oteng-Yeboah
Department of Botany,
University of Ghana
alfred picture 1
Fundisile Goodman Mketeni
Deputy Director-General
Biodiversity and Conservation
Department of Environmental Affairs
South Africa
Bureau Member Mketeni

Asia-Pacific States
Name and Affiliation Country Position Photo Curriculum
Zakri Abdul Hamid
Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of Malaysia and Chairman of the National Professors Council, Malaysia.
Malaysia Chair Zakri
Jay Ram Adhikari
Secretary (Technical), Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology, Kathmandu, Nepal
Nepal Bureau Member PhotoJay Ram
Asghar Mohammadi Fazel
Deputy Head, Natural Environment and Biodiversity Department of Environment
Iran Alternate photo-Asghar M Fazel-Iran

Eastern European  States
Name and Affiliation Country Position
Photo Curriculum
Senka Barudanovic
Associate Professor, Faculty of Science, University of Sarajevo
Bosnia-Herzegovina Vice-Chair photo senka   
Adem Bilgin
Director of Research Division
Department of Biodiversity
Ministry of Forest and Water Affairs
Turkey Alternate to Bureau Member  


Latin America and Caribbean  States
Name and Affiliation Country Position
Photo Curriculum
Leonel Sierralta
Chief, Division of Biodiversity and Renewable Natural Resources,
Ministry of Environment
Chile Vice-Chair
photo chile
Spencer Thomas
Ambassador and Special Envoy for Multilateral Environmental Agreements, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Environment and Trade
Grenada Bureau Member photo spencer
Adalberto Luis Val
General Director of the National Institute for Research in the Amazon
Brazil Alternate to Vice-Chair Photo Adalberto Val.
Lilian Ferrufino
Professor, National Autonomous University of Honduras
Honduras Alternate to Bureau Member Lilian Ferrufino-Foto

Western Europe and Other States
Name and Affiliation Country Position
Photo Curriculum
Robert T. Watson
Director for Stategic Developmnent, Tyndall Center Department of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia
United Kingdom Vice-Chair Bob Watson
Ivar Andreas Baste
Co-chair and Director of the Trondheim Conference on Biodiversity and Senior Advisor, Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management
Norway Bureau Member IvarBaste
Director, Nat ural History National Museum (MNHN)
France Alternate to Vice-Chair gilles boeuf
Idunn Eidheim
Deputy Director General
Norwegian Ministry
of Environment
Norway Alternate to Bureau Member  picture Eidheim